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What we CAN offer to SUPPORT MOTORSPORT athlete MANAGEMENT & development

what are the Most Important Aspects of Managing a Motorsport Athlete's development?

Motorsport is an industry that requires discipline, a blend of physiological variables and specific qualities in order to perform not only at the highest levels, but most competitive levels too.
Each athlete needs to be considered as an individual, as each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Although planning to improve one area of performance in isolation can seem straight forward enough, this is almost never the case when you are looking to develop the long term physical and mental abilities of an athlete, as well as developing their their personal brand image and sourcing of potential financial support, for them to even get out on the track in the first place.

The demands of training are also concurrent and often conflicting in nature. To complicate matters even more, throw into the mix extensive competition, travel, media, sponsorship & nutrition demands and the athlete's life outside of the sport, you have a real mix of factors that complicate the planning of their development. We aim to plan a range of services, which offers each individual Motorsport Athlete everything to improve their mental and physical wellbeing - from professional advice on Sports Nutrition, Physical Training & Fitness to Social Media Management, PR/Press services and personal Sponsorship Acquisition advice and services.

sports nutrition! and its importance

Most Motorsport series can and often end up with many races being won and also lost, by a 100th of a second. From Karting , Motocross and Tintop racing all the way up to Formula 1 , the pinnacle of Motorsport, and even in the world of Sim Racing too. An athletes food and nutrition intake can offer a number of benefits if done correctly. Power, strength and endurance, which obviously assists in training and many aspects of racing itself but studies have also proved, that the brain is as equally heavily impacted by not just the right nutrition but the right nutrition at specific times during an athletes daily, weekly and monthly schedule. A fully functioning brain offers the athlete both added concentration and quicker reaction times, which in most sports are important but in Motorsports, its imperative. We offer bespoke meal planning services and nutrition advice, from qualified professionals, individually tailored to each athlete, whatever the Motorsport series that they might compete in.

website design, construction & Hosting

The importance of a professional and functional website is a necessary tool for many people and companies in business. Its no different for Motorsports athletes. We can design, develop and deploy a range of website options to suit you, your budget and your target audience.

personal sponsorship acquisition services & advice.

Sourcing and closing sponsorship opportunities and financial backing is one of the most important aspects of Motorsport. Without support and outside funding, the dream of being a Motorsports athlete can soon come to an abrupt end. As well as specializing in Sponsorship acquisitions, we can also offer top tips and advice on who , where and how too, not only attract the right sponsors but we can offer you the right tools to get deals and proposals closed, and the money in the bank.

Personal Training and Physical fitness

Any and EVERY athlete knows the importance of being both physically and mentally fit for the job that lies ahead. Our qualified PT Level 3 professionals can arrange the right fitness plans to suit your needs, keep you motivated and build the strength, power and endurance levels that you'll need to compete at the highest levels. Just like with an athlete's nutrition, physical training can be the difference between a P1 and a P2, or worse... last place !!!

press & pR advice & services

Press and PR can sometimes be tricky to deal with and often hard to get hold of. We offer tips, advice and services that can maximise your local media exposure as well as the national press too.

social media management

Another very important aspect of Motorsport is brand building. Raising your personal and professional profile to as many people as possible, is crucial to, not only assisting with PR and Press affiliation but with many, many companies, operating with online commercial platforms, a very high social media presence can make the difference between a simple "yes or no" from a potential sponsor.

professional video/movie/film/editing services

Again, the more professional you can make any showcase videos, or media pack "mini movies" to post across all your social media platforms' , YouTube/TikTok channels and your own websites, the better. A well made and edited action racing video can attract a lot of attention from not only fans but of course businesses, which are all potential sponsors. We have award winning experts that can assist in such matters on a number of levels.